Hm, so what do you say after disappearing for half a year? Ah never mind, have loads of Sims candy!

First I have a living room set which contains: a sofa by Hek (without the pillows of the original mesh) with 6 recolors, 2 matching pillows in different sizes by Jope with loads of mix & match ready recolors, a matching end table by OM, an armchair by MT cakestore (with quite big textures which increase the the file size drastically), a silver/white table lamp by DOT in 2 sizes (just one pictured), a white recolor of Simsinparis curtain, non-Second Life pictures for Cassandre's lovely frames (better get the whole set cause I just included the white frame recolors), another table lamp by Jope, a small Buddha head by dgandy completely in white and a rug by Simcontrol.

all meshes included, compressorized + collection file (hooray)

And then there's this set with loads of different paintings.
YELLOW STARS Simplelife's new shelf mesh set that also includes paintings, some more of the motives are pictured in the preview of the living set.
PINK STARS 5 recolors of OM's slightly angled painting.
WHITE STARS 5 recolors of Kansascityrose's floor painting. (I'm being an obvious Lost in Translation fan again...)
TURQUOISE STAR Sorry for the small picture and total chaos, but this is one little recolor of Vitasims' golden picture frame which is included with the next set, soooo sorrrry.
NO STAR(...) One-tile Simsinparis curtain in white.

all meshes included, compressorized + collection file

This is the second picture set with the rest of the paintings: 3 recolors of one of Vitasims' 3 horizontal paintings, 3 (only 2 pictured cause really similar) recolors of Jope's floor paintings and, yeah, the little golden Vitasims frame.

all meshes included, compressorized + collection file

For the last set I turned two of my favorite tables a little darker (white & red star, I'm a bit compulsive about everything being dark wood in my game) and also included 3 clock recolors on Steffor's mesh.

all meshes included, compressorized + collection file


PS: Okay I can't do this without any explanation. Lets just say my plans/aims/dreams came true and I've been a busy and happy Au-Pair in LONDON since the end of July with other things than Sims on my mind. But now that I've settled down a bit, worked out some technical difficulties with my game and have overcome my creative burnout I'm all new and fresh, but well still the old lazy Malle so don't expect tooooo much activity.



O-M-G! It's been one month, BUT my exams are over! Done! I'm so happy! :)
To celebrate that I uploaded some of the stuff I made over the last couple of weeks, no months, but never released out of laziness. So here you go (all meshes are included btw):






DOWNLOAD EYES! (one is not pictured cause...well I just forgot)

You can tell that I go lazier with every preview, haha...

Marianne Faithfull - As Tears Go By (aw I just love her, cute as a button that lady)

PS: I finally have a new laptop, can you tell? I realized that my old graphic card obviously was THE SHIT, cause it was like 5 years old and I can't even really tell a big difference to the new one (but it's a lot faster, thank god!) which is actually pretty good.


obsessing over pride & prejudice again

I made some nice bargains at the flea market: sunglasses, a cool bowling-bag, a cute little silvery clutch, a head band, a nice picture frame for my collection (recognize the picture? haha) and this cute bracelet. :D
And I started this kind of Victorian/Regency inspired Pride & Prejudice style neighbourhood.
My first house is this summerhouse for Noel & Portia Withersfield.

(click to enlarge!)
The second house, I started some days ago, is for Daphne who's living with her aunt. They're obviously not that wealthy, but the plan is, that Noel falls in love with her (sounds familiar, eh?).


new things

Some things I actually made about a week ago, but I'm just in so much stress atm that I only come round uploading them now.

First is a little set of recolors of this really cute quite old chair by Aroundthesims & of this nice new table by Garden Breeze that I really adore.

DOWNLOAD! (all meshes are included)

The second set includes a new wallpaper I made, another 2 recolors of this great Sims2Play painting, 2 recolors of Aikeas wall sticker (only one is pictured) and 4 recolors of Steffors bookworm rug, because I needed some new rugs.

DOWNLOAD! (all meshes are included)

Enjoy the rest of your weekend! (I won't. I'll have to bury myself in these...f*ck final exams.*)

Passion Pit - Sleepyhead
I'm addicted to this song, I think it's not healthy anymore.

PS: I got interviewed for LivingSims! And as promised there's also a little gift I made to grab. :)


paintings for u

Hey guys, long time no see. Here are 4 recolors of one of my favorite painting meshes by Sims2Play (which was down last time I checked, ohoh).

(mesh is included!)
> You may wonder who made these AWESOME sofa, armchair and other painting recolors, well stay tuned. ;) Pssss, the title of the first preview picture is somewhat revealing.

Lykke Li - I'm Good, I'm Gone & Kings Of Convenience - I'd Rather Dance With You

PS: Just discovered it, who ever made this, thanks a lot! :)



Enjoy! :)

4 recolors of this nice Simply Styling couch.
DOWNLOAD! (mesh is included)

Yeah, I'm back, but I'm having some really unrelaxed holidays, because I've got sooo much school stuff to do over the winter holidays...
The Velvet Underground & Nico - Femme Fatale


not dead at all

You probably thought I was kidnaped and brought to some farm with goats and stuff in the mountains of Tajikistan, but guess what, I wasn't. :P
I'm just very busy with school at the moment, shit is very frightening and time-consuming when you're having your final exams in March/April. Gah, I don't even wanna think about it right now... I admit that the rest of my spare free time was spend on obsessively watching 'How I met your mother' and the new Gossip Girl episodes, oh snap, the new Greys Anatomy episode aired yesterday...

Anyways, I had some time to recolor last weekend but then I never found the time to publish the result, ah well:

4 recolors of billyjeans wall lamp, a recolor of mounes round cushion and frame & painting recolors of this nof (what is the site actually called? ah sorry) picture. All meshes are included.

BTW: It's the Lost in Translation owl pillow Bob gives to Charlotte when they're at the hospital. Awwwww. I was lucky enough to find a high-res picture of it some months ago, but always forgot to actually use it.