Just popin' in to post 2 tiny little sets of downloads, since I'm on vacation next week (I'm leaving tomorrow).

(mesh's included)

And I made the Amelie paintings, haha.
This is the original if you don't remember them.

(mesh is included by the way, it's by the wonderful Aviolina who made those amazing silenthill sets)

The set for the downloads is this little apartement I decorated last week. It's the home of a young photographer (she's also the girl in the previews).

They're bigger if you click them. ;)

Gilbert O'Sullivan - Alone Again (Naturally)



Making murals is fun. :) I needed those myself cause I never have pretty neighborhoods, so the view outside of my windows is always pretty boring.
For the previews I used those btw, they're quite useful for such scenery kind of stuff . Anyway:

Best baltic sea picture ever:

Short post today, cause I'm leaving for babysitting in about 10 minutes.

The Big Pink - Velvet <3