Okay, as promised here are some more pics of my tiny house.
Btw, I didn't build the house myself, I'm a horrible builder actually, great cc4sims did.
Here's the original.

(click to enlarge them)

I'm excited. I'm off to vote in my first election ever. (okay, apart from the European election this year)


random blah-blah

Since I l-o-v-e furnishing tiny, tiny houses, cause I love challenges, I decorated this one today and actually wanted to share it, but now that I tested it (stupid idea to do that after decorating...doh) I noticed that I failed miserably at making it tiny and cluttered, but playable. :(
(I will add some pics of the inside of the house later.)

Happy End - Kaze Wo Atsumete
(Damn, it was seriously hard to find a proper video for this song)


the posters

Okay, without much blah-blah, I'm way too tired to write anything reasonable. Here are the posters. (Beware, picspam!)

bigger previews, click them

download! (mesh is included)

same here

(mesh is included)
I should add that the one-tile version also includes smaller versions of the 2-tile ones which are not pictured in the preview. You may also want to get them, cause they're AL shiftable while the 2-tile one isn't.

Okay, good night you guys.



included are: 1 painting recolor, 1 bed recolor, 2 pillow recolors (all meshes by wonderful Jope included)

and finally packed Heriett, the inhabitant of the box house, with one of the new skintones by me.
(she also comes with an eyelash edit by me, which is not by coris like the tooltip says, I know this now and hope that the real (Asian?) creator will never find out and slap me...)


Neil Young - Cowgirl in the sand