included are: 1 painting recolor, 1 bed recolor, 2 pillow recolors (all meshes by wonderful Jope included)

and finally packed Heriett, the inhabitant of the box house, with one of the new skintones by me.
(she also comes with an eyelash edit by me, which is not by coris like the tooltip says, I know this now and hope that the real (Asian?) creator will never find out and slap me...)


Neil Young - Cowgirl in the sand


Marie Joanne said...

cute beds, cute paitings, cute everything! oh, and Heriett is beautiful, she has that sweet and innocent look.
thank you!

Omer said...

*snags the paintings, snags the bed*

I spent about two minutes staring at the little bedroom screen. I can't decide which color [dark or light] I like more. Both of them look so good side by side, that I have to keep botj colors. :D thanks malle!

Tripped Burlesque said...

Hmmm I can't seem to get the Bed Recolors to work...is there something you need T_T

Tripped Burlesque said...

Hmmm okay well I realize that all my Decor recolors are working just not the furniture... V_V which is what I really want. You're no the only one though my Furniture Recolors from Paisley and Peace&Unrest aren't' working. I don't know why I really want to use them.

ash said...

Hi! I was wondering where you found the dress that Heriett is wearing ... I downloaded it a few days ago, but since my cp crashed, I can't remember where from. I want to say Liana, but I can't find it. If you don't mind telling me, it would help a lot - thanks!

ash said...

Wow, sorry lol ... nevermind, found it. Didn't see the details to the right on your list : )

Amanda said...

do you happen to know where the clothes rod for the closet came from? i am looking for something like that and i can't seem to find it