Here is a tiny little set of things I did some days ago:

(click to enlarge)
1 recolor of Miras Teyon pillows
3 recolors of the Miras blanket (only one pictured, but the others are cute, too, believe me)
2 frame recolors of the BV painting - can't really take credit for these, cause all I did was brightening the frame texture Grito provided me and firing up SimPe, but I wanted to share them anyway, so thanks again Grito for the texture and LMHWJS for the help with the actual frame, you guys rock :)
(Miras mesh's are included, get the resized BV pics you want here & here)



Recolor new Simply Styling set: mission completed. Haha.

Notes: The paintings look better in game, blame photoshop or whatever.
Uhm yes, the pink teapot and cups look a bit odd (but still nice I think) even in game, feel free to delete them. XD
Credits: Jope for the wonderful Mesh's and Mira for the tea stuff meshes and the fabulous wood texture of the little table and the sofa frame. I wanted them to match with the rest of my Mira teak wood stuff. ;)

Okay, here you go finally. DOWNLOAD! (all mesh's included)

(click to enlarge)

PS: I had a little look at my Mediafire statistics today and, god, who had thought that my little blog could ever have so many downloads. :) When my Simply Styling bedroom recolor set reaches the 1000 Dl's mark (which isn't too unlikely to happen in the next few weeks I guess) will first celebrate (XD) and then post some gift, haha, though I don't know yet what that could be, but I'm sure I will find something.



It's not like I'm not doing anything atm, but I just don't have anything finished to show off right now. I'm like 75% finished decorating a house, I'm 30% finished recoloring the newest Simply Styling set and 0% finished scanning the photos from the photo lab.
Yeah, so I only have this two pics to show so far:

I know the simmie (named Daria btw) looks totally photoshopped in, but I dunno why.

(they're bigger when you click on them)

BUT, I'm 100% finished with Nick Hornby's 'Along Way Down', of which I still don't really know whether I liked it or thought it was partly pointless. Anyway, next book is going to be 'The Tortilla Curtain' by T.C. Boyle (in English) for school.