Here is a tiny little set of things I did some days ago:

(click to enlarge)
1 recolor of Miras Teyon pillows
3 recolors of the Miras blanket (only one pictured, but the others are cute, too, believe me)
2 frame recolors of the BV painting - can't really take credit for these, cause all I did was brightening the frame texture Grito provided me and firing up SimPe, but I wanted to share them anyway, so thanks again Grito for the texture and LMHWJS for the help with the actual frame, you guys rock :)
(Miras mesh's are included, get the resized BV pics you want here & here)


Omer said...

I'm loving the new layout. (:
and the little set, it's so white and neat.

could you tell me where you got that little wall shelf on the right from? the one with the books and dolls on it?

malle said...

thanks omer!
the shelf is by billyjean (http://www.blackpearlsims.com/showthread.php?t=25506), it's very useful cause it's a painting and can be shifted that way. now that I think about it I should defenetly make some more recolors of it. ;)

Nanis said...

Wow ! Your blog is amazing, it's kind of all the things I like in one and only thread ! LOVE IT ! Thanks for your awesome creations ! Can't wait to play now :p

malle said...

haha thanks :)

rhondalatte said...

Thank you!

Izza said...

i was wondering where you got the lovely walls you used in the preview from?