So finally it's here! If I had to give thisa name it'd be called:
Show your true (house) colours! Pretty Clever, eh?

Included in the collection are:

4 recolours of Kativip's garland
4 recolours of this flag by Kativip
5 (plus a slightly more faded Gryffindor one) shields
4 recolours of this Uni mesh
and 4 of another Uni one.
Everything's compressorized, a collection file and the meshes are included.

Now lets see how I used them. ;)
Click play to get in the right magical mood! ;)



Please bear with me as I'm eagerly working on releasing all the stuff.
I have a whopping 220 files to wade through (and that's without meshes, yes) and pack in to little christmassy gift collection files, so I have absolutely no idea where to start! There's the dungeons, the Great Hall, the dorms, the common rooms, the class rooms, the hospital wing, the library aso....HELP!

Anyway, if you're one of those people like me who always kind of thought "Gosh, a Harry Potter neighbourhood that would be rad, but where do I even start??" here are a few links that helped me tons while building my own Hogwarts:

Basically everything Adele has ever made - YOU.WILL.NEED.IT, believe me!

Kativip's stuff was mighty useful, too.

Since the magical world is kind of set in this pre-electricity time, medieval stuff was needed, lots of it!

The go-to source obviously, they have LOTS of great stuff.
Lama has the best walls and floors.
This list was a lifesaver!
An alchemy set with some quite useful knick-knacks, fireplaces and my fav book cases, too.

Then there is the whole lot of Sims Medieval conversions, Roman did lots and so did Chimerical. Clutter-a-holic has the best, well...clutter.

Bodyshop stuff for your Hogwart-lings that I like:

Cloudlessnights made a very good uniform with cloak at MTS.

I really love this suit with the jacket by Yuxi in combinations with one of Daislias Hogwarts scarfs! (they're adult only obviously, my students are YA since I built Hogwarts as a university)

Chaz' Hermione has a neat Hogwarts sweater/tie/shirt combo included
(I'm not very talented when it comes to Bodyshop, but I should tackle this thing at some point and make it unisex and in all house colors)

If you've got all these things you are basically ready to go, but keeping an eye open for sets with little knick-knacks that could be useful and potentially magical is a must! ;)

Then there's always the difficulty of actually building Hogwarts. Lots of people have managed to do so, I tried to build my own, more or less successfully. I wanted to have it as one lot without my laptop crashing and burning, so I had to scale down a bit. It's not perfect, cause I'm horrible at building but it does the job (the entrance to the Slytherin common room is through the potions class room, cough, haha). Personally, I would give it a try and build it to your likings and at a size your computer can handle, otherwise have a look at the ones I linked.

Alright, bye for now, I'll hopefully have the first set up next week, so stay tuned!

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Well hello! I'm actually still around and lurking, so this didn't go unnoticed.
Thanks so much secret-maker, I feel flattered that I'm not completely forgotten yet, even though I never update, haha!

Truth be told, I'm actually working on a gigantic, way too demanding project of building my own "little" (kind of a contradiction in itself, no?) Hogwarts. In the process quite a few things needed to be created which always went something like this:

Lets make those dorm rooooms! Woooh!
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Wait wait wait. I don't have any four poster beds in the house colors?
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Great! Now I have to make some...
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Maybe I should make some flags too. Oh and I need lots of paintings.....
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Firing up the game! I'm awesome!
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
NOOOO, I don't have any matching drapes!
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Anyway, look, this is my trio and the common room. :D

I'm not really sure yet how I'm gonna do this thing, release the stuff while I'm working on it or put everything up for download once I'm done with the whole thing.
We'll see, stay tuned. Peace.



Hi guys, told you I'd be lazy again, haha. Anyway I just wanted to share a few things I made over the last few weeks (month?).
First of all I needed a few new nice rugs. I love these by kaputtgeliebt but they're often not big enough for my likings so I made these on Mango's mesh.

Includes 10 recolors, mesh is included, everything's compressorized!

Then I also made 3 recolors of this cute little sofa by kativip. I must admit, being German I find a few of her Nazi inspired sets a bit uncomfortable, tribute or not, but I guess that's what the delete button was invented for...

Anyway comes in 3 colors, mesh is included & everything's compressorized.

And last but not least I made 4 recolors of this nice shelf with pictures by Billyjean.

Comes in 4 different versions and with various shelf recolors, mesh is included, compressorized.

PS: What's your opinion on direct linking the download links? I've read that Mediafire gives some people without Adblock trojan viruses so I thought this might be a quite convenient alternative!?