GOS Advent

Hey lovelies, I justed wanted to let you know, that I shared a bunch of stuff over at the GOS Advent!
This way please!


New Tumblr

Hey guys, I had the afternoon off so I made this little Tumblr for all of the illustrations, paintings and vintage prints I've collected over the years. You might recognize a few here and there that I've used for my recolors in the past, so this blog also serves as a space to finally credit some of my favorite artists. Follow if you like, I still have loads of pictures to upload.
Here's the link: http://sexyghostcostume.tumblr.com/
The blog title is inspired by this hilarious illustration by Kaye Blegvad. X



Hi guys, just a quick update, I'm super tired right now (ugh, had to work late), but I promised to post these today. ;)

3 recolors of Ohbehave's/Crissi's spring lounge framed pictures

4 recolors of Crissi's hideout framed pictures

2 recolors of Crissi spring lounge chair

and last of all a couple of different recolors of Crissi's meshes:
a black and grey one of the sofa, 2 blanket recolors and 4 different pillow recolors

ENJOY and good night. ;) zzzZZZZ



Happy Easter everyone! I come bearing some gifts. Okay lets be real, it's mostly leftover stuff that's been sitting in my DL folder for a while, but some of it is new, too...anyway.

So first of all I have 4 recolors of the Sims 3 conversion Amovitam did with a few different frame choices and one recolor of SIP's sofa pictured above.
DOWNLOAD! (frames)
DOWNLOAD! (sofa)

Then there's a few new recolors of Aikea's wallwriting mesh, only 2 are pictured though: the letters and the Asian fan (fun fact: this one is hanging over my dressing table IRL).

Then there's one recolor of Anye's sideboard (I only turned the whole thing grey), 2 recolors of a coffeetable that aren't pictured (I'm such a dummy, but it's the one included with this set) and the 3 paintings recolors above.

Also there's 4 recolors each of Hcove's converted wood and acrylic frames.

Lastly some recolors of the BV travelposter (can there ever be enough?), the first two are using Lmhwj's square mesh, so make sure to get those. I've included the mesh of the one pictured, but in case you want the other sizes.

Phew and in case you want EVERYTHING in one file:
(all meshes are included and everything is compressorized)




I have a "Simblr" now: http://themalle.tumblr.com/
So if you're on Tumblr follow me. ;) I just needed a place where I could dump all my pictures that usually just rot away in my print screen folder.