GOS Advent

Hey lovelies, I justed wanted to let you know, that I shared a bunch of stuff over at the GOS Advent!
This way please!


Anonymous said...

Hi Malle, thank you so much for the uploads! I was wondering if the rooms are from a house you created or from somewhere else? If so, what house is it? You've inspired me to create a luxuriously chic home!

Anonymous said...

This is great!
Tell me, please, where to download a bed with this screenshot http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-hHSYw5hmc-Q/UMNxcwBE0JI/AAAAAAAABFw/j6EyUlOlkxg/s320/previewBIG6.png and http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-IdOGLdSYNMw/UTi_1LdrhTI/AAAAAAAABHc/npnVwLP1OXU/s400/Sims2ep9+2013-03-05+16-54-23-07.png ?

Nikhil Dodariya said...
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malle said...

Anon 1, yes the rooms were decorated by me. :)
Anon 2, thank you, the bed is here: http://www.holysimoly.com/index.cfm?go=home.objects&C=9B4F157E-65BC-8AAB-7537EEA045BEAB9E&S=A71D0DC6-65BF-DC98-EBFFC053C46E7759&pagestartrow=2