My first time in the 'press' and they misspelled my name, now everybody will think I'm a girl who calls herself 'male'. XD
BUT I don't really give a damn anyway, cause MIRA said I'm an EXCEPTIONAL DECORATOR! :D (havin' major freak-out rightnow)

But I have to admit that I haven't really shown any decorating pics lately at all.
The problem is that I'm a freaking perfectionist and that I hate most of what I do the next day already anyway. This is why often completely decorated houses end up in the 'house bin' without being shown to anyone at all. But I digged out some older and newer pics from my screencaps folder for you of rooms I obviously liked well enough. ;)

(my attempt on a modern males home, which was challenging because I usually can't really decorate this clutter-free)

Peaches (new album btw!) - Why don't you talk to me



Finally here are the BV painting recolors (also the fixed horizontal ones + the upside down bunnies for omer XD sorry didn't picture them, but they're quite nice, believe me, oh and some frame recolors are included as well), 4 steffor curtain recolors I actually made for the box house and 2 recolors of this huge "Three Dogs and Olive" painting that came with NL. I put all of the stuff in seperate folders, so that you can choose what you want.
Note that all meshes are included, but for the BV paintings I only included the slave meshes, so if you want all size and don't have them already you might want to check out this awesome resized ones by Kara & lmhw.

(click for bigger previews)
Okay enough blabbering: