Finally here are the BV painting recolors (also the fixed horizontal ones + the upside down bunnies for omer XD sorry didn't picture them, but they're quite nice, believe me, oh and some frame recolors are included as well), 4 steffor curtain recolors I actually made for the box house and 2 recolors of this huge "Three Dogs and Olive" painting that came with NL. I put all of the stuff in seperate folders, so that you can choose what you want.
Note that all meshes are included, but for the BV paintings I only included the slave meshes, so if you want all size and don't have them already you might want to check out this awesome resized ones by Kara & lmhw.

(click for bigger previews)
Okay enough blabbering:


mariarita said...

Obrigado por compartilhar

malle said...

had to translate that, but: you're welcome ;)

Omer said...

You didn't forget me!! :D
Thank you, I swear I don't have pervy motives for that painting. *muahaha*

malle said...

how could I forget this kinda weird request. ;)
LOL, yeah whatever you do with it I'm quite curious to see it.

Anonymous said...

Big curtain's love it!!!

rhondalatte said...

Thank you for the paintings, love them!