obsessing over pride & prejudice again

I made some nice bargains at the flea market: sunglasses, a cool bowling-bag, a cute little silvery clutch, a head band, a nice picture frame for my collection (recognize the picture? haha) and this cute bracelet. :D
And I started this kind of Victorian/Regency inspired Pride & Prejudice style neighbourhood.
My first house is this summerhouse for Noel & Portia Withersfield.

(click to enlarge!)
The second house, I started some days ago, is for Daphne who's living with her aunt. They're obviously not that wealthy, but the plan is, that Noel falls in love with her (sounds familiar, eh?).


new things

Some things I actually made about a week ago, but I'm just in so much stress atm that I only come round uploading them now.

First is a little set of recolors of this really cute quite old chair by Aroundthesims & of this nice new table by Garden Breeze that I really adore.

DOWNLOAD! (all meshes are included)

The second set includes a new wallpaper I made, another 2 recolors of this great Sims2Play painting, 2 recolors of Aikeas wall sticker (only one is pictured) and 4 recolors of Steffors bookworm rug, because I needed some new rugs.

DOWNLOAD! (all meshes are included)

Enjoy the rest of your weekend! (I won't. I'll have to bury myself in these...f*ck final exams.*)

Passion Pit - Sleepyhead
I'm addicted to this song, I think it's not healthy anymore.

PS: I got interviewed for LivingSims! And as promised there's also a little gift I made to grab. :)