obsessing over pride & prejudice again

I made some nice bargains at the flea market: sunglasses, a cool bowling-bag, a cute little silvery clutch, a head band, a nice picture frame for my collection (recognize the picture? haha) and this cute bracelet. :D
And I started this kind of Victorian/Regency inspired Pride & Prejudice style neighbourhood.
My first house is this summerhouse for Noel & Portia Withersfield.

(click to enlarge!)
The second house, I started some days ago, is for Daphne who's living with her aunt. They're obviously not that wealthy, but the plan is, that Noel falls in love with her (sounds familiar, eh?).


Anonymous said...

Very cool Malle!
I am thinking you have some fantastic flea markets where you live....*is jealous*

I would love to do a themed hood like that but I know in my heart my downloads folder would completely explode!

Maria Arrufat said...

please can you post the housess so we can download them? they're fantastic!! i luv themm ^^

Hannah said...

OMG I LOVE that brown bag! It's exquisite!

malle said...

hannah, yeah I was quite lucky with that one. I think some old (smoking...ewww) dude used to keep his bowling ball in there. also I found some old coin in it that indicates it was last used in the 90s. XD

maria, thanks, but I only made the small house, the other one is a remodeled CC4-sims house. maybe when all the final exams craze is over I'll upload some unfurnished versions. :)

Agustin said...

Daphe is GORGEOUS. I love her <3

Anonymous said...

Wow! Good job, Malle! I love you're work, and you are quite amazing at interior decor.
Can you tell us where you got all that exquisite victorian furniture?
The houses are beautiful.
Thanks so much!!

isabeauduma-jaciw said...

Wow! Great job, Malle!
You do awsome work. You are so great with interior decor/simming it's absolutely crazy!!
Could you tell us where you got the victorian furnishings?
Thanks, so much, by the way. I come to the site all the time!!
You are wonderful!!

malle said...

thanks. :)
most of the furniture is by Adele (http://adelevk.com/sims/) and few bits are by Vitasims, Buggybooze, Aroundthesims2 and Billyjean at BSP.
If you need any particular objects or links, just ask. ;)

Anonymous said...

Love the houses <3
Where did you get the clothes?

malle said...

thanks, most of it is by allaboutstyle and mts (type in 'regency')

Anonymous said...

Hi Malle,
I love your creations very much, and I really love the 1x1 lots which you used. Can you tell me where did you get the 1x1 lots from? I want to download it to decorate by myself. Thank you very much!