Hi guys, told you I'd be lazy again, haha. Anyway I just wanted to share a few things I made over the last few weeks (month?).
First of all I needed a few new nice rugs. I love these by kaputtgeliebt but they're often not big enough for my likings so I made these on Mango's mesh.

Includes 10 recolors, mesh is included, everything's compressorized!

Then I also made 3 recolors of this cute little sofa by kativip. I must admit, being German I find a few of her Nazi inspired sets a bit uncomfortable, tribute or not, but I guess that's what the delete button was invented for...

Anyway comes in 3 colors, mesh is included & everything's compressorized.

And last but not least I made 4 recolors of this nice shelf with pictures by Billyjean.

Comes in 4 different versions and with various shelf recolors, mesh is included, compressorized.

PS: What's your opinion on direct linking the download links? I've read that Mediafire gives some people without Adblock trojan viruses so I thought this might be a quite convenient alternative!?