O-M-G! It's been one month, BUT my exams are over! Done! I'm so happy! :)
To celebrate that I uploaded some of the stuff I made over the last couple of weeks, no months, but never released out of laziness. So here you go (all meshes are included btw):






DOWNLOAD EYES! (one is not pictured cause...well I just forgot)

You can tell that I go lazier with every preview, haha...

Marianne Faithfull - As Tears Go By (aw I just love her, cute as a button that lady)

PS: I finally have a new laptop, can you tell? I realized that my old graphic card obviously was THE SHIT, cause it was like 5 years old and I can't even really tell a big difference to the new one (but it's a lot faster, thank god!) which is actually pretty good.


littlerunningbee said...

OMG, thank you so much for creating and sharing this table cloth - that's exactly what I've been looking for for ages now. *hug*



La PoupĂ©e♥ said...

Thanks!! :D

Anna Claire said...

I'm going to go ahead and grovel----I would LOVE for you to make Sims3 objects. You so define my style and I have found nothing for Sims3 like you have made for Sims2! What can I do to convince you? Haha!

Anonymous said...

Yay! Thanks for everything.

gotiquelilie said...

I really LOVE your objects, there is no words =)
But i just wanted to know where I can find the bed, the pig plushie, the endtable and the arhf ! I don't know how it is in english... but in french it's "reveil".

Thanks =)

Laura said...

First of all I'd like to thank you for creating such wonderful objects. My sims love you.
Then I have a little problem, which I think has nothing to see with your pictures but maybe you have an answer:
As I get close to my walls, the pictures slowly disapear. Which means I really have to keep far from it to see them. How do you manage to take pictures of them?

malle said...

thanks all, I'm glad that you like the stuff. :)

anne claire, buy it for me, haha? no really, I don't even really come round to playing sims 2 atm, but I'm pretty sure I'm going to try out sims 3 on my new laptop some time. creating for sims 3, we'll see what the future brings.

gotiquelilie, the little pig is by 8-3 at easteregg-forum, the bed is by holysimoly, the endtable is by billyjean at blackpearlsims and I found the alarm clock at cherryblossomsims, but I don't remember the creator anymore, sorry.

laura, yeah that's aikeas mesh that does that, hit TAB and you're in life-mode-view(?) and the pictures won't disappear anymore.

Laura said...

Thanx, it worked :)
Can't wait to see your next uploads.

Strange Tomato said...

Gorgeous work! I love your painting recolours, and I never tire of that BV mesh. ^_^ You take such lovely pictures. Thank you for sharing!

I also simply must ask you where you found those adorable plants in these pictures. They seem to be edits of some of the Maxis plants from FreeTime or Mansion and Garden Stuff. I'm also in love with that vase with the Snapdragons in it.

malle said...

Aw, thanks for the compliment Strange_Tomato. :D
Most of the plants are from this Maxis addon-set by Mutske (http://www.digitalperversion.net/gardenofshadows/index.php?topic=17820.msg468811#msg468811) and the recolors I used in the pictures are by Lalabus from GOS (http://www.digitalperversion.net/gardenofshadows/index.php?topic=17820.msg468811#msg468811).
I don't really remember where that little snapdragons vase is from though, but I could have a look for you next time I start up the game. ;)

Laura said...

Sorry to bother you again...
Where could I ewactly find the stool used as an endtable in the second picture? I've been looking for it at Black Pearl Sims but couldn't find it...

Thanks again for your amazing CCs !

Kkerlii said...


Anonymous said...

we miss you Malle!

haiduong said...

Wow, I absolutely love your blog. I didn't see a guestbook link so I'm just gonna write this message here. Your downloads are amazing, so colorful with a retro touch, and I love your clothing style in the real life too.
So keep on the good works! :D I definitely will come back soon to see your blog. Have a nice day.

Hai Duong