My first time in the 'press' and they misspelled my name, now everybody will think I'm a girl who calls herself 'male'. XD
BUT I don't really give a damn anyway, cause MIRA said I'm an EXCEPTIONAL DECORATOR! :D (havin' major freak-out rightnow)

But I have to admit that I haven't really shown any decorating pics lately at all.
The problem is that I'm a freaking perfectionist and that I hate most of what I do the next day already anyway. This is why often completely decorated houses end up in the 'house bin' without being shown to anyone at all. But I digged out some older and newer pics from my screencaps folder for you of rooms I obviously liked well enough. ;)

(my attempt on a modern males home, which was challenging because I usually can't really decorate this clutter-free)

Peaches (new album btw!) - Why don't you talk to me


Watermelon&Life said...

Congratulations for the recognition in the magazine.i'm also love the work of Mira!
Oh and btw, I'm doing a bedroom in sims, that is inspired in you bedroom! :D

Anonymous said...

Long time lurker, but wow! You have some awesome decorating skills there. And even though they misspelled your name, congrats!! That's so cool.

Kaita said...

Congrats on the magazine mention! I can't think of anyone who deserves it more.

P.s.- I'm absolutely dazzled by your rooms! Would you ever consider sharing any of those kitchen sets? They're so lovely!

Anonymous said...

Wow! Well you see, I'm the same, when I'm done with something, I don't like it any longer, wondering "what's so special about that? Why the hell would someone want to use this in his game?".
By the way, sorry for your name, I wrote that... If they ever interview me again, I'll ask a correction ;)

I'm so happy you saw that though (not the mistake, but my tribute), it comes from the heart, and if this will make you show us more decorating, I will be a happy simmer :)


Rebecca said...

hey ..im such a big fan of your decoration .. have u considered doing rooms for the sims 3? if you do, SHARE with us pleaseee, just love coming here and see all this great stuff.. wish i could have them in my game.. you are such a talent! (;

malle said...

awww thanks you guys, I feel so flattered. :D

rebecca, I don't play sims 3 atm cause my laptop can't really handle it with high graphic option. also I could never decorate without any CC, oh god. ;) when I finally have a new laptop and a wide range of downloads exist I might also reconsider my choice.