Making murals is fun. :) I needed those myself cause I never have pretty neighborhoods, so the view outside of my windows is always pretty boring.
For the previews I used those btw, they're quite useful for such scenery kind of stuff . Anyway:

Best baltic sea picture ever:

Short post today, cause I'm leaving for babysitting in about 10 minutes.

The Big Pink - Velvet <3


Anonymous said...

Lovely, thanks! My neighborhood views are never lovely either, so this is great.

James said...

Awsome! I'm so glad I found these... I have a fully decorated neibourhood but these look so good, I just have to use them! Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Lovely~Thank you^^

Anonymous said...

Hi,thanks for these... where are they supposed to show up?, i cannot seem to find them. u r awesome btw. Bye.