Just popin' in to post 2 tiny little sets of downloads, since I'm on vacation next week (I'm leaving tomorrow).

(mesh's included)

And I made the Amelie paintings, haha.
This is the original if you don't remember them.

(mesh is included by the way, it's by the wonderful Aviolina who made those amazing silenthill sets)

The set for the downloads is this little apartement I decorated last week. It's the home of a young photographer (she's also the girl in the previews).

They're bigger if you click them. ;)

Gilbert O'Sullivan - Alone Again (Naturally)


marie joanne said...

lovely paitings, thank you! i love this apartement. your houses are always so cute!

malle said...

thank you :)

Isi said...

ach wundersüß *download*!!! beim Anblick deiner Räume ertönt in meinem Kopf immer eine "Alles wird gut!"-Melodie (nein nicht Nina Ruge ;) ), eine Art visuelle Therapie also. Dankesehr, ach und als ich die pilz-wallpaper entdeckte, musste ich grinsen ... die passt in das Arrangement wie Ernie zu Bert. :D LG

gwen + cats said...

Your rooms are wonderful.
I was just wonderin if these objects are yours or downloaded from somwhere else...

cookie said...

those paintings are awesome, thanks!! btw where did you get the shoes and boxes in the picture of the apartment entrance door? (i'd looove to have them for my game :)

malle said...

thanks :)
the boxes are by steffor (http://www.jaue.com/avalon/msbed.htm) and the shoes, phew, the only ones I remeber are those boots by clutteraholic (http://lmhwjs.wordpress.com/2009/07/29/the-channel-fades-to-snow/). :(

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Thank you for your beautiful recolors. Please can you tell me where I can find the paintings over the sofa in the little apartment that is the setting?