Hi guys, just a quick update, I'm super tired right now (ugh, had to work late), but I promised to post these today. ;)

3 recolors of Ohbehave's/Crissi's spring lounge framed pictures

4 recolors of Crissi's hideout framed pictures

2 recolors of Crissi spring lounge chair

and last of all a couple of different recolors of Crissi's meshes:
a black and grey one of the sofa, 2 blanket recolors and 4 different pillow recolors

ENJOY and good night. ;) zzzZZZZ


Omer said...

Ahhh so nice. Yo, my friend, have a signature style [I like to believe that so do I ;) ].
Greetings from an ole affiliate.

malle said...

Thank you omer, you do have a signature style, it's true. ;)
I was happy to see that you're back!

Ohbehave007 said...

I think I just wet myself... They are fantastic! I love your so much. Thanks for sharing :)

Anonymous said...

Really nice set!

Are the meshes included? :)

malle said...

Oh Crissi, thank you and right back at cha! I was so happy when I found all of you mesh sets at Cherryblossomsims recently! :D

Anon, yes the meshes are included.

Skeletongirl said...

Lovely, lovely! Thank you so much!

I hope you don´t mind my asking WCIF the patterned wallpaper in the 1st pic and the wood floor?

malle said...

Thank you! :)
Not at all, here you go: http://www.mediafire.com/?gb0msr3jr2ueoep

Skeletongirl said...

Thanks a bunch! ♥

daphne said...

beautiful! love the ideas. .great choices of color :)

Anonymous said...

Gosh... The best stuff out there! I've been clicking and downloading untill I got to your first post. Thumbs up! You got faved, I'll be checking in for more delicious stuff.

Kate said...

Hey, I love your designs! I wanted to link you in my simblr (stellmaria), do you have a badge or like... logo or something i could use? Keep up the awesomeness! :)

Ninjy said...

wow.. really great!!!
could you pls tell me where that lamp is from?? :D

Ninjy said...

i meant this lamp: