Well hello! I'm actually still around and lurking, so this didn't go unnoticed.
Thanks so much secret-maker, I feel flattered that I'm not completely forgotten yet, even though I never update, haha!

Truth be told, I'm actually working on a gigantic, way too demanding project of building my own "little" (kind of a contradiction in itself, no?) Hogwarts. In the process quite a few things needed to be created which always went something like this:

Lets make those dorm rooooms! Woooh!
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Wait wait wait. I don't have any four poster beds in the house colors?
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Great! Now I have to make some...
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Maybe I should make some flags too. Oh and I need lots of paintings.....
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Firing up the game! I'm awesome!
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NOOOO, I don't have any matching drapes!
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Anyway, look, this is my trio and the common room. :D

I'm not really sure yet how I'm gonna do this thing, release the stuff while I'm working on it or put everything up for download once I'm done with the whole thing.
We'll see, stay tuned. Peace.


lagritsalammas said...

This looks really promising and interesting. If you're going to share those creations, I'd suggest releasing the whole bunch. The wait will be longer for us, but anticipation can be very useful at times.

Although if it's going to take more than a month, you could do a Harry Potter themed advent calendar type of thing. That would be awesome!

malle said...

Thank you!
The advent calendar idea is kind of genius, christmas at hogwarts was always one of my fav parts.
I have to have a look if this is actually doable with what I have atm. Oh my gosh, what am I getting myself into. ;D

B. said...

Holy crap you're amazing. Also, I want it all!!!!

Sheena said...

This is remarkable! It makes me want to start a Harry Potter hood so badly!

Anonymous said...

Oh my! You're amazing! I hope you're going to share with it soon. And i truLY adore harry, hermione and ron! Cheers!

Muhammad Zahid Iqbal said...

Colour is very important to me and I can't feel comfy with 'it looks OK' when it can look better! Perfectionist? Well, perhaps. In some things anyway. A pass grade won't do for me when a distinction is available.;)
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Maerwynn said...

Thanks for sharing! It looks amazing! I'm just having one issue... I cannot find the pennants in the catalog anywhere?


malle said...

do you have the university ep? that's unfortunately required for it to show up.