So finally it's here! If I had to give thisa name it'd be called:
Show your true (house) colours! Pretty Clever, eh?

Included in the collection are:

4 recolours of Kativip's garland
4 recolours of this flag by Kativip
5 (plus a slightly more faded Gryffindor one) shields
4 recolours of this Uni mesh
and 4 of another Uni one.
Everything's compressorized, a collection file and the meshes are included.

Now lets see how I used them. ;)
Click play to get in the right magical mood! ;)


Anonymous said...

Everything is so perfect. Thank you so much for all the pretiness :D !

Anonymous said...

I am in complete awe of your HP creations that I want everything you've got there!!! Makes me rethink my medieval hood, maybe I'll manage to have another game for Potter after all. Thank you for sharing your amazing stuffs :)

<3 Sunni (from Plumbbob Keep/Medieval Smithy [Cant ever remember my blasted login :P ])

malle said...

Thanks so much Sunni, you're very welcome! I adore all of your games over at Pumbob Keep equally as much! :D You should definitely start a HP hood, I'd love to see what you would come up with!

Lama said...

Very nice settings and I'm delighted to see some of my walls being in use!
Your pictures are great!

malle said...

thank you lama! :D
"some" of your walls? haha I used your walls and floors almost everywhere in hogwarts, they're the best and so detailed.

Vuokkosims said...

Just what I've been looking for! thank you so much! :)

Sydney Ad said...

I really like these picture frames. thanks for sharing.
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Anonymous said...

OMG it's so beautiful as usual !
Can I ask you where can I find the beds ?

[ to be honest, I don't relly like Hedwig theme, I prefer the Room of Requirment ] =)