the posters

Okay, without much blah-blah, I'm way too tired to write anything reasonable. Here are the posters. (Beware, picspam!)

bigger previews, click them

download! (mesh is included)

same here

(mesh is included)
I should add that the one-tile version also includes smaller versions of the 2-tile ones which are not pictured in the preview. You may also want to get them, cause they're AL shiftable while the 2-tile one isn't.

Okay, good night you guys.


Macthekat said...

These make me wish I had sims 2 installed!

Marie Joanne said...

love all! thank you

Anonymous said...

They're great, thank you! When I saw that first two-tile one, with all the little animals, I choked a little. It's absolutely perfect and exactly what I needed for one of my sims. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Omer said...

I <3 you.

there, i've said it. are you happy now?

:p [fantastic job, in all seriousness]

malle said...

haha, taken by surprise but also happy. finally my strong affection gets returned. :P [thanks]

thank you guys, I'm glad you like the posters. :)

Leah said...

You do such great stuff!!

Anonymous said...

These creation's amazing!!