not dead at all

You probably thought I was kidnaped and brought to some farm with goats and stuff in the mountains of Tajikistan, but guess what, I wasn't. :P
I'm just very busy with school at the moment, shit is very frightening and time-consuming when you're having your final exams in March/April. Gah, I don't even wanna think about it right now... I admit that the rest of my spare free time was spend on obsessively watching 'How I met your mother' and the new Gossip Girl episodes, oh snap, the new Greys Anatomy episode aired yesterday...

Anyways, I had some time to recolor last weekend but then I never found the time to publish the result, ah well:

4 recolors of billyjeans wall lamp, a recolor of mounes round cushion and frame & painting recolors of this nof (what is the site actually called? ah sorry) picture. All meshes are included.

BTW: It's the Lost in Translation owl pillow Bob gives to Charlotte when they're at the hospital. Awwwww. I was lucky enough to find a high-res picture of it some months ago, but always forgot to actually use it.


Omer said...

I used to lovr HIMYM until about two seasons ago.. now I only love Parks and Recreation, and Chuck. Needless to mention these here, since tge last thing you need right now is more time - wastage.

Love the pillow!!

Yoshie said...

Thank you for sharing your cute cushion.

Love your works soooooooooooo much.

Birgit said...

ahhh love your work!

xx Birgit

Bexs said...

Hey, i love your stuff (:
Id really appreciate it ifu took a look around at my blog ;]