Secret Santa Gift

Just a short note before I go back to baking christmas cookies:
You can grab the little set I made for Nilou here. :)
I hope you have a great christmas eve tomorrow, I might pop up in the next couple of days to release some little christmas gift, which still has to be made, but my head is full of ideas. ;)


Anonymous said...

Aww Nilou is a lucky girl!! So pretty. ;) Merry Christmas!

malle said...

haha thanks, a merry christmas for you too. :)

Sheena Oehler said...

That toast clock is too funny! I love it!

malle said...

haha I know, well, if you have a spare 25$ it could be yours ;)

Anonymous said...

Hi, Malle!
First of all I'm sorry for my english and my mistakes, I'm spanish :P
I discovered your blog yesterday and I think your work is wonderful, really. You make or recolour difficult objects and they look beautiful, so congratulations ;)

PD. I'll keep the page on my computer :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Malle
I love this work
So pretty
Thanks ;))
and sorry for my bad english