YES YES YES my iPod fnally arrived!
So, to celebrate the occasion I have a pack of 20 Ipod Touch/Iphone backgrounds for you, that I actually made for my personal use, but I thought someone might find these useful anyway.


I take absolutely no credit for these, since all I did was cropping the pictures, but in case you like any of them in particular I included the the names/links of the creators in a little read-me.

Enjoy the rest of the weekend! :)

PS: It's snowing!


Anonymous said...


Thank you! I was looking for good backgrounds. I was about to just leave the damn default one. :)

agustin said...

I AM GETTING AN ITOUCH FINALYYYYYY! *is exited. I'm so gonna download those bg's, you have the best taste ever and I -know- I'll like at least some of them. I still haven't seen you online, so shame on you.

malle said...

Late answer is late, sorry. Aww I'm so glad for you agustin, I know how bad you wanted one too. Also I'm glad you find the backgrounds useful too. About msn, ack I'm sorry I had a bit of stress at school, but I promise now that I have holidays soon I'll be online again more often. :)

Anonymous said...

Hey! I really like your blog. The sets u make are sooo cute! conglatulations!! :D

maddywoo said...

Thank you! I absolutely adore these!!!!

alexandria said...

i have an ipod touch and I now couldn't live without it! thanks for the backgrounds :)

Bexs said...

I love them, btw your vair pretty (: