excited excited

I finally had the guts to spend my birthday money and a bit of what I saved up to order the Ipod Touch (3G 32 GB) I've been meaning to buy for some weeks and now I'm so happy and excited for it.
Still 2 class papers to go, but the Ipod adds some hope on the horizon. :D

Hm, sims-wise I have some stuff in the making but I didn't have the time yet I was too lazy to take any previews yet, sorry, and in my spare time I'm also eagerly working on my SS gift. :)


Hannah said...

I truly understand what iPod Love is. I have three of them and I think I wouldn't mind to have another one. XD

malle said...

Heh, well it's my first one, but one of my friends has an Iphone, so I'm already a bit familiar with it. Plus our school has WLAN so this is PERFECT! :D

KateK said...

My congratulations! Shopping always is a pleasure, especially when you buy stuff, you were dreaming about :)

Omer said...

is that dakota fanning? :p

congrats.. though i've managed to lose three ipods by now, each year right before my birthday.. i am trying to hold onto my fourth [a nano] for this year at least. take good care of it, otherwise a part of you will die when you lose it. :O at least that's what happened to me.
jk, enjoy the musique!

malle said...

haha yeah it is, I thought the picture captures my facial expression quite good.
3??? oh crap, I would have seriously died already. no, fortunately I rarely loose stuff. only at my room, but there there's always the guarantee that it can't be lost ultimately. ;)

Anonymous said...

Im excited about my ipod touch too!!!