15 recolors (3 not pictured because of lack of space on the wall...) of lmwjs's resized Bon Voyage paintings, which I love, but of which I had way to little square recolors, so I made some.

Personally I adore the one with the Lost in Translation picture, I'm still squeeing about that pretty artwork. Anyway, enjoy them.

(Slave mesh and resized one's are included)

Ahaha, who guesses where I first heard this stupid (but catchy) song has either a dark secret or was a 12 year old pre-teen in 2002, too, who was into trashy girly movies with pop singers (turned into bad actors) in it.


Mari said...

lovely, I have some of the patterns there : ) thanks!

Anonymous said...

malle! your thrift collection at GOS was fantabulous :)

WhiteChocolate said...

awesome! thank you for sharing your wonderful creations!

Tripped Burlesque said...

Do you need Bon Voyage to use them?

malle said...

hm I guess so, the square one is probably cloned of the orginal bv one. there's that base game compatible mesh by hugelunatic but I think thats only the vertical one, sorry.

ash said...

Oh, this is just adorable :D I love your stuff! I would comment on all of your things saying how much I love them, except ... well I'm on a downloading spree since my cp crashed, so yay, I'm just telling you here! *manicwave*

Also, I started a blog to keep track of everything I love concerning the Sims 2, and you're my first 'about' post : D

malle said...

aww thank you, that's so sweet :)

Olinda said...

Obrigada! Lindo, maravilhoso! Um grande abra├žo do Brasil!