thrift set

Hi, just wanted to let you know that I finally uploaded my thrift set at GOS.
That's all. ;) Yeah, I'm a bit busy at the moment, I'm having a bunch of exams atm...yikes.


Sheena Oehler said...

SUCH a beautiful set! Looks like it was a lot of fun to put together!

Anonymous said...

Ive seen this mesh on your affiliates site and was wondering...more than likely these wont work for sims 3? Do you have any sims 3 uploads or any upcoming projects? I love this set; it would be nice if it worked for Sims 3 :(

Anonymous said...

It's beautiful~Thank you^^

malle said...

nah, since I don't have/play Sims 3 there's probably not going to be any custom content by me for the sims 3 any time soon, sorry.
but thank you, nevertheless :)

Omer said...

you know, its great fun to see a pretty creation, but its even better when you spot a few of your things turn up in screens. *squeal*

thanks on both counts. :)

Stormy said...

You have some awesome CC! :) Good luck with your exams!

Nory said...

Your downloads for sims are beautiful. I whis I have found them when I was still playing sims 2. Now I only have Sims 3 and I'm sorry to hear that these things are not gonna work with it.
Anyway good luck to you :)

Diego said...

ówn, i love your creations.
can u give to us, your fans from brazil, A house wich this gorgeous objects. Pleaseeeeee *-* '
Please to base game *-*
Please please please
I love u!

Janka said...

omg, yeah that would be soo great! pls create/decorate a building, which just needs base game! i love your style and how you can decorate rooms :)