Arg, about the lot I wanted to upload, I have some problems, since some recolors just won't show up at the packed one when I tried loading it only with the included CC.
It always looks like this:


Anyway, I removed the panels and changed the door & window upstairs to maxis ones, so here is the unfurnished lot:

If you got any other problems, write me a comment.


Watermelon&Life said...

Hello, first I must say that your blog is very cool, very cool, like it a lot! I have visit your blog a few months ago, but i'm portuguese, and i'm afraid that you dont understand me, and i'm really shy. I ended up creating my own blog, it's in portuguese, so you will not understand anything, sorry. But if want to visit my blog, I would appreciate. You can always use the translator, lol, just kidding.
Your photos in london are AMAZING, the one of the tree is my favourite. Goodbye Lime ^^, Kisses Tânia Sofia.

Watermelon&Life said...

Oh and btw, that labtop it's amazing, buy it!=)