A little box house I've been building over the last couple of days (instead of redoing the shelves, sorry...but I'm still frustrated):

(the preview looks crappy, better click it for full size)
I tried my best to copy this cute 70's box house, but I'm a horrible builder and finding the right CC was harder than I thought, so I just did a rough copy.

But it still turned out quite okay IMO and if I'll figure out how to upload houses, I might even put it up for download. Unfurnished or furnished? We'll see.

Elliot Smith - Ballad of big nothing + Damn, can't get enough of this shit! XD


Newtlco said...

I think it looks so sweet, and you are good at building!You should try another copies imo :)

Anonymous said...

Its freakin adorable!


Anonymous said...

I love the house! It's wonderful! It may sound weird, but it reminds me a bit of Sweden... Even though I've never been there. Anyway, I hope you'll figure out how to upload houses, because this one is incredibly lovely.


Omer said...

I love it.
Can you tell me where the white stairs inside are from? I must, must have them.


malle said...

thank you guys :)
omer, the stairs are by holysimoly, included with this donation pack http://www.simscave.com/index.php?topic=13.0

Omer said...

I can't believe I missed them! Thanks a lot!

and ZOMG Elliot Smith = made of awesomesauce. Seriously, we need to hang out. :p

malle said...

No problem with that, but the long distance might be a problem. :P