Arg, what's wrong with me?? Can't even recolor properly anymore. Btw I tried everything with the Billyjean shelves to fix them, but I still couldn't locate the problem. It's very weird. But I won't give up.

Coming soon + the correctly upside down turned ones + some vertical & horizonal ones:

Math exames tomorrow, I'm a wreck, but these are my last exames this semster and after that I'm hopefully a normal human being again, without hyperventilating when thinking about the exames and all. XD

... for about 60x times, sorry, can't help it


Omer said...

But I actually like the upside-down bunnies. Please include the wonky version for that as well, won't you? :)

malle said...

LOL, really? Yeah I will, but I'm pretty curious what you're going to do with it. XD

Billyjean said...

such a cute & pretty^*^