A little story about my newest simmies, cause I finally managed to play a bit with the new Apartment Life features that I rarely ever used until now (except for the ceilings).

(click to enlarge the pics)
Ronda, my first AL witch and her husband Seong Min (nickname just Min), he's Korean and of course he's got no clue about his wifes 'profession', cause Ronda secretly practises her magic skills at their green house by night when Min is sleeping. ;)

"Changing the bulb by hand? Ehehe, what's the point in being a witch then?"

"Honey, I'm at h...what the..."
"Arg, oh no!"

"Ohhh my gooood...." clonk (don't worry, he just fainted)

"Oops, maybe I should have told him earlier!?"



Sofa said...

I really like her outfit, did you make it?

malle said...

nope, I totally suck at makinf anything in bodyshop XD
the outfit is by the wonderful Max

HannahSpring said...

Great story! Really funny! :)

Su said...

Where did you get these wonderful hairstyles and the eyes from? *totally in love with both your blog and these things is*

malle said...

thanks :)
the hair is here http://www.digitalperversion.net/gardenofshadows/index.php?topic=8559.msg250609#msg250609
and the eyes are by aug http://sims.zifengling.com/contents4/52.htm

Anonymous said...

Hi where did u get this outfit?