A bit late (as usual), but I wish you all a ...
Sorry it was already a bit dark, but I wanted to show the lovely mirror that I bought yesterday at some flea market.

Oh and I also have (very very) little gift:

(click the picture to enlarge it...only had maxis stuff for decorating cause I'm sorting out my dls atm)
A first recolor of this new photo line by beosboxboy! :) More to come only with simple photos or polaroids, but this one took some time, cause I had to write those little texts (please don't read them XD they're decoration only).

DOWNLOAD! (mesh's included)

Lily Allen - I could say (I love the whole album btw)


Cloverfield said...

Thank you for the recolour - very cute. That whole window photo with your mirror looks really good - lovely easter deco.

malle said...

thanks :) you're welcome

Danse said...

oh that's very nice ^_^ thank you very much

Hannah said...

Oh my god, when I looked at the picture, I thought it was a real-life shot. Amazing! :)

Anonymous said...

I really love it~Thank you~