Hey fellas, 2 things for today:
First, I need to rant a bit: Yesterday I spent about half an hour recoloring some steffor painting, just to notice when I was in-game to take preview pics that this friggin thing wasn't recolorable.
There are only a few of steffors things that aren't recolorable, but guess what, I tried to recolor all of them without knowing that, once...and the same is true for this new FA cherryND, btw.
Which leads me to my second rant: Have you ever noticed that shitty Amber banner at TSR which addresses greeting to you & wants to know you're name? Which of course is totally retarded itself, but which is also kinda annoying if she does that friggin noisy while you're actually listening to music yourself and if she's doing that everytime you're opening another page...

But second, something positive, I went riot today with recoloring the newest Simply Styling set and born was this mass of recolors:

Huzzah! DOWNLOAD THEM! (click the preview-pic for better view!)
Included are: 6 bedrecolors, 3 endtable recolors, 2 painting recolors, 1 chair recolor & masses of pillow and boxes recolors (sorry, lost track of the exact number) but everything is clearly labeled and you can chose with Cleaninstaller what you want. ;)
Okay, I'm going to bed (finally), see you!


Anonymous said...

Oh, nice recolours! Thank you ^^

Sara said...


Just wanted to thank you for all the lovely re-colours! I´ve downloaded pretty much everyone. I found your work over at Sims Cave and I simply adore it and the WCIF:s are piling up.... Would it be OK to ask them over at Flickr?

malle said...

glad that you like 'em!
sure, ask me whatever you want. ;)

Sara said...

Hi again!

Just PM:ed you over at Sims cave (thought it was easier that way)!