just had tasty chinese lunch & now I'm totally bloated with food. xD

tomorrow is my last day of school till the summer holidays! and on wednesday I'm off for 7 days, cause I'm having a cool girly vacation with my 3 best friends. yay!

simswise there's nothing really new, but I will try to finish my vintage-adele-house.


Dave said...

That wall looks very well with all the pictures

macthekat said...

I totally love this room! It looks great

Katreen said...

i love your rooms :) when i get my own house i want you to come and decorate it :D:D your sims rugs , tables and sofas look so real , mine are so mat and kinda foggy. what should i do?:S

Kaita said...

Wow! What a beautiful room! I ADORE those green sofas- they look so comfortable! I'd download in an instant if you were to put a download link up. *winknudge* :D